Friday, March 11, 2011

Jinshan listing of face

Jinshan iron nails this year is already listed the things! Reuters quoted the report, Jinshan will be in the third quarter, the lead underwriter is Lehman Brothers (By the way, the articles often say that China is JP Morgan, as I have heard is that the two, but the text Reuters only reveal the Lehman Brothers).

The unconfirmed claim that they originally landed in the first quarter, inclusive city, but for some reason, the company postponed the plan. Companies from the recent listing of official statement to the speculation, it seems Jinshan one to two months ago has entered a quiet period. Jinshan more accurate guess expected landing time, the city should be incorporated in August, at some time than Baidu.

Interestingly, investors concerned about the Asian Internet very bullish for Gold Mountain, or even that the autonomy of its own games, their performance will exceed the current market in the grand and Ninetowns satisfied. Leading financial website Marketwatch analysis that if Blizzard does not consider the agency's masterpiece "World of Warcraft" Gold Mountain represents more than Ninetowns game unit. And this seems to be the side show, Jinshan will be listed on the Chinese concept of the game.

Comments that Jinshan as a company set up more than 10 years, has been operating in multiple business lines the number of products, but at present its latest game First Myth (remake) doing well, and soon to be released by CQ ( Fantasy Spring and Autumn) and Knight Food of Love 2 and 3 versions of the game is worth as a martial arts theme expected. From the domestic market, the local original games are currently the most attention and most followed players NetEase's Westward Journey Online, Kingsoft's Swordsman Online and affinity remake and just Tianjiao the beta 2. This is the main concern Jinshan.

Foreign people think so, as our country people can not be fooled. Jinshan is also far from the listing from the grand, is not only a game, in the thinking on this. Big concern is not the game, but cut into the fun through games, TV, these are the hot spots throughout the investment world, and Jinshan's "software", "domestic" concept has been bit long-winded for 15 years.

Jinshan allegedly offering to finance the 2-3 billion dollars, a figure that some high individual. Taking into account the prior claims and fund-raising gala on 3 to 5 billion U.S. dollars, the actual raise to 1.2 million, and Baidu is expected to raise 2 billion to money Jinshan circle not more than 150 million dollars in theory. Of course, the listing and financing the most direct factor is the size of the outstanding shares and per share issue price, while the deep-seated reason is that investors in listed companies recognized degree, 2-3 billion dollars if this is really the case, no doubt it also mean that Jinshan's shares will be significantly higher, and the concept of overseas investors in China and made the game shares the obsession.

Jinshan has repeatedly denied the split, but despite the game listed, but the listing of other business lines Jinshan is likely to shrink or even abolished. Lei Jun, etc. I am afraid that to admit. Jinshan has been more emphasis on face-saving, but in this issue, the face of no avail. What are the company eventually wants to do well, of course, does not mean that diversity now Jinshan Jinshan is far from qualified diversified, very few Chinese companies can be successful diversification. Personal check, Jinshan will maintain anti-virus software market, and most of the two operations, 1-WPS 2 years after return to an independent company through the operation.

In addition, little attention need to be reminded, Golden may not be created after the listing of the number of millionaires. Inaccurate data, said listing shares in circulation, only 10% is for the employees, Qiu Bojun, Lei Jun, Cheung Shuen Lung, Lenovo accounted for more than 70% of the shares. Jinshan pay levels are not elevated in the industry, the lack of incentives will cause problems. Therefore, some time after the listing, may also be employees, especially older Jinshan employee turnover to new heights.


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The average salary 7K public relations industry is a lie

In recent years public relations industry really fire, an 80-billion market, and growing ... ...

But I have to say, 80 billion is there water, and public relations industry, competition has been brutal beyond description it! However, the latest public relations industry, baked in 2006 stated in the report, the average salaries for public relations industry, 7K, I think incredible, and even surprised.

As far as I know, who usually deal of small public relations firm is to develop headquarters personnel, the basic school education in China is the waste material, the students out of more than 90% does not work, so I had to go to the intersection of a small public relations firm fees, receive fewer points wages Learning while working in order to change jobs later. Therefore, whether planning or media, if he first entered the industry to small companies with a 2K also, if not lower. On the other hand, it may be too many students of Chinese culture, companies are not afraid to not hire people, so with very low wages on.

The general ability of people a little bit, in small companies, two dry months a year, and then wings hard, ready to jump ship, this time to mid-sized public relations firms is their choice. General secondary public relations firm, the average salary also 3-5K or so, it wanted to do two years of work experience on to the top can not you? And layer them in a small public relations firm, 5K also almost the same.

It would survive the next two years, indeed, competent to five years of experience, it is reasonable that it should proudly, right? I can responsibly tell you that even the most well-known public relations firms, account manager average salary level also 6.5K or so, Ogilvy & Mather also this level. So, you go to the well-known public relations company, if there is no point of commission, did not go to a higher position, you still will not. Of course, some well-known public relations firms, the average salary is up to 7K - I do not know are in the most well-known public relations firm, salary is lower than 7K of the people feel?

Some people would say that big companies paid income sufficient to pull the industry average salary, I think this is also not credible. Small companies may be small, but a large number of companies, like China's rich indeed the world's most affordable luxury product, but a large base of Chinese people, fear is the average.

Therefore, the majority of college students, do not feel that they learned a communication degree, master how great, how was starting to think that there must be a 5K, and even there, that is the case. There are those in advertising, consulting friends, do not envy the so-called highly paid public relations industry, we really reassured the public relations industry, you do not think so beautiful, 澶╀笅涔岄甫涓?埇榛?

Like to say again, the reality of popular public relations industry. I have to say, I am also in the advocacy of "PR first, advertising second", I intended to take the website domain is the case, to accept this view of the enterprise is clearly not as much as we thought. Those with large enterprises on the boss not to mention, there are times in a well-known domestic appliance brands veterans come to Beijing, a beautiful female colleague and I went to see the hotel to see him, they almost trouble misunderstanding, this is a well-known brand enterprise CEOs too! This bias has witnessed in the corporate marketing budget, most enterprises currently in the marketing budget, advertising, channel is still the bulk of public relations is playing the role of sub-piece of the action! order to meet customer demand, Henduo public relations firms in the emphasis in Integrated Marketing Communications, the company larger more powerful integrated, as long as the advertising business can swallow up the turnover, of course, I said, there are 8.0 billion of water is the truth!

At the moment, bigger customers, bid is more than three public relations firms and, if unsuccessful, the consumption of human material and financial resources are considerable, if not into the basic unlikely to succeed. An industry entered the era of competition shows the industry is entering its peak period, the industry growth trend is the gradual decline in theory, though still growing, but growth will slow.

Perhaps the public relations industry in 2006 reported their special statistical methods, no matter how statistics, facts can not always change. I think the PR industry average wage to 7K to this argument, on the staff working in public relations industry is a negative stimulus, it will only exacerbate the flow of talent PR abnormal situation.

The truth is, public relations industry pay unrealistically high-end talent, of course, very high expectations of the boss, but very little value for money, so the boss always feel not very level, and has always felt more talent other companies excellent way to dig people paid a shortcut ... ... On the other hand, people who dug over loyalty to the already low paid once the temptation is easy to jump ship, thus creating a vicious cycle.

PR industry needs is more calm and less impulsive.


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do they only quick Ctrl + Alt + End defects more quickly shutdown

If not NT systems, use CTRL + ALT + END, then direct shutdown. On the hard drive is a great harm.

Online saw a rapid shutdown of the computer method: bring up the Task Manager, hold down the Ctrl key, click on the shutdown, it can be three seconds off, very fast. But not long, the computer appeared several times on the issue, often prompted to run the error or the loss of some documents unclear, this is why? Actually fast shutdown to blame. We know that normal system shutdown when a series of operations, generally including the closure of the window, the end of the process and services, save the data of four processes. Fast Shutdown is saved, but some steps, it caused some damage to the system.

System shutdown of four steps: first, the shutdown command to inform Windows subsystem CSRSS.EXE, CSRSS.EXE, after receipt of the notice and Winlogon.EXE be a data exchange, then start Winlogon.EXE notice CSRSS.EXE shut down the system process; then CSRSS.EXE inquiries have followed top-level window of the user process, so that the user process exit; then began the process of termination of the system; last Winlogon.EXE call NtShutdownSystem function to command the system off the work of the implementation of the back of the computer shutdown.

Use Ctrl keys, but often skip the first three steps and direct calls NtShutdownSystem function shutdown. As we all know, a lot of software will write data to memory at run time, the exit and then save to a file. If you do not shut down after the previous steps, will result in regular withdrawal program can not lose data, so that important data loss may cause some unexpected errors, the system is hazardous. In recognition of the drawbacks of rapid shutdown since I never used fast shutdown, after all, the security of data off the point than the time saved is much more important. Here I also hope that we try not to use the fast shutdown, or wait until the computer problems sorry too late.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Foam everywhere

Each industry is a bubble. VCD is the case then, and now the Internet as well. VCD's bubble, VCD brought us many brands and manufacturers, the price cuts brought us wave speed; the Internet bubble, causing many people experience a decline in unemployment and users, it also brings some new brands and new experience.

In the 2000 Internet bubble, you probably will not think of free Gmail e-mail will be such a big capacity, such a good service, right? Maybe we all think, E-mail charges will be coming period. However, the user experience has not so good, pay the loss caused by a large number of users. Things do not fly no charge, fee may not necessarily Kaopu on.

Even today, the foam also remained on the Internet. Importantly, we need to distinguish between a bubble and what is possible bubble things. E-mail is a bubble, but this has brought us Gmail very strong resistance to E-mail; BLOG is a bubble, but still brought MSN Spaces such a strong BSP. Of course, you say that MySpace is a bubble not a bad idea, but it is, after all, tens of millions of loyal users, and there are many imitators and those who try to imitate.

Bubble is not necessarily bad child, at least in that it allows us to clear thinking. Bubble, they do not run around scared, this is it normal thing, and the development of capitalism for so many years, also kept the outbreak of the economic crisis, let alone a business? Which companies do not want to do their business made a hundred years, can eventually made a century enterprise, there are a few? Ultimately made a century enterprise, the situation is always a good? Or, simply, as Microsoft did, so much bursting pockets, are still in the frown? There is a bubble not a big deal, there are a lot of companies do not break the shackles of the bubble yet?

Search is a bubble, but look at who's eyes. Google in many people's eyes is God, the search, but in the eyes of others, but may be a paper tiger. You can Google to find the information you need, but these messages are created and others were included in Google, this is a bubble. To break this bubble, you must be thinking of how to get information on how to get information. For example, holding Mike said: I'm looking for "Dream of Red Mansions", this book will appear in the display, rather than as they are now logged Google, enter "Dream of Red Mansions", the results in the massive search for your most wanted that. Of course, in future times, it may also be a bubble.

Then the economy is a bubble a bubble. Let the bubble burst and the achievement, is an endless process. There will always be foam coming out, then some people break, and then coming out, then had to break the cycle ... .... In this process, we are not afraid of the bubble, it gives us power.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

ThinkPad First National User Conference held in Beijing

August 21, 2006, Beijing-ThinkPad official recently announced that to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the birth of personal computers, ThinkPad First National Users Conference will be held in Beijing in mid September. Lenovo Think from senior business unit leaders and celebrities will attend this event, and with from all over the 100 ThinkPad users join the festivities!

First National ThinkPad users eve of the conference, from Japan and Japan Laboratory "ThinkPad father," Mr. Naito is personally in written and released so that the user called: "Your idea + ThinkPad reliable, they can change their lives, and even change the situation of others, Pratt & Whitney of the world. hopes to meet with Chinese users together to share stories between you and the ThinkPad. " Now until September 10, 2006, Sohu user login network platform to text / picture / video show the way and tell the story between you and the ThinkPad, it can be see lots of passion, and humor, very moving and full of social significance, etc., give full play to your imagination and creativity, your stories and Think users to share more.

In half a month's time, Think and industry experts will be invited to name people in the community to review your story, and ultimately selected 100 cases of classic works. Selected will have the opportunity to participate in September, held in Beijing in mid-site activities to experience and listen to senior officials and experts Think celebrities comment on their stories, share gala dinner, Think will be the scene at the dinner for the winners of five Super User Think prizes awarded!

Adhering to the technical innovation and people-centered concept, Think I believe: that we can creatively use existing or newly developed technologies to solve problems in our society;

Willing to work with different race, creed, color co-owner of the world, and do all we can to improve our living environment; love all art forms, whether it is movies, poetry, or architecture, eager imagination and creativity;

To protect the natural environment as our duty, for ourselves, even the next generation of human beings;

Respect through knowledge and information that change the market, creating new industries, organizations or individuals.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

How to save 280 million?

Editor's Note: Shifang cigarette factory is directly under the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, one of 36 key development, "during the" economic benefit continuous growth. Enterprise has total assets of 2.5 billion, from January to August this year, sales revenue of 1.4 billion, profits of 760 million yuan, profit of 140 million yuan. The company decided to implement the 2000 Accounting computer networking, enterprise information started the journey. The success of financial management information, so that their financial work from tedious "bookkeeping, accounts" in the liberation of the real to the "management."

Application of power come from?
As the tobacco industry a special status in our national economy, the tobacco industry has been operating under the traditional planned economic system. But with the deepening of the market economy, although still in the national plan for tobacco control of the production, you can sell in this industry already facing the market. Sichuan is the largest cigarette consumer markets, the competition between the various brands of cigarettes is very intense. In such an environment, cigarette factory in Shifang been rapid development in recent years still.
However, the development does not mean there is no problem. In the occupation of the market, enterprises need timely access to financial information including various information including. Financial information is the ultimate expression of business results, financial information is to operate sales and service businesses, at different times of financial information through the transmission, enables companies to adjust business strategy tool. If there is no means of information, business market competition on the popular face of constraints. Cigarette factory in Shifang perceived financial management, albeit the original specification, but subject to the information distributed, the data flow is not timely. It is really just a department within the Finance Department's financial accounting management, is an "ex post accounts", there is no effective way to provide decision support business decision-makers, the old manual accounting and management practices were not suited to the development of plant adjustment needs.
Select from the cigarette factory in Shifang in 2000 began the construction of financial information, they have their own unique considerations. From the enterprise, the original manual financial management system standard, coupled with several years of talent pool, can be said to have laid a good foundation. Moreover, the factory also from the Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau to some financial support for the implementation of this project. Another is from outside the enterprise, information is a trend in the industry have tasted the sweetness of some enterprises. In this context, the business leaders that the financial management information system of internal and external conditions have, do, do a feature on the application.
Can be said that enterprise applications and external demand as the greatest force.

Implementation of changes to the financial management
For the financial management information system, Shifang cigarette factory has set up a corporate bosses picked the first topic group of financial computerization. Financial Computerization discussion group examines a number of products on the market after the cigarette factory in Shifang Kingdee selected the company's K / 3 V8.8.2 industrial version. Network rollout to the products from the research, project after a series of bedding work, in September 2000, the formal implementation of a tobacco factory in Shifang K / 3.
Is a good financial software for financial accounting software, financial software, but also embodies the designer's understanding of financial management. Cigarette factory in Shifang the process of financial management information system, there were many traditional manual mode and advanced management thinking of the computer crash, so that financial officers feel the advanced financial management concepts tremendous impact. Software included for international, with the world of design thinking to corporate financial officers brought great thinking, and to see the cigarette factory in Shifang its gap with the international standards; in the implementation process, other enterprises with advanced management mode and Finance Department management to bring a lot of inspiration. After run-in with the modified cigarette factory in Shifang financial work great changes have taken place, the financial staff from the original accounting, reconciliation and other mechanical work towards more emphasis on financial management.

Performance analysis of the unique
In order to measure the value of IT systems, they are assessed from various angles the impact of IT systems, these rather special. Readers from the table I, II, and amount of funds used to appreciate the comparison chart cigarette factory in Shifang why can achieve financial changes.
Financial management information, saving financial officer registration books, computing balance and summary accounting vouchers, account reconciliation and other account working hours, to directly reduce the workload of nearly 80% of finance staff. Treasurer out so you can save the timing of other tasks. Without increasing labor costs, while increasing the scope of financial personnel, job number, work efficiency, work intensity has declined and the results of the work are obvious.
Financial management information to corporate financial officers will not only shift the focus of the work of a real "financial management", this work brings the benefits of other aspects. Them with financial management as the core, the logistics, capital flow into the system of unified management, finance and business, and a high degree of sharing of production data. Financial managers can purchase orders, procurement contracts, and other production tasks alone the whole of the logistics and tracking cash flow management, data acquisition system through the production of raw and auxiliary materials required for the injection to monitor the financial director can easily acquire the relevant departments progress and work performance. This will break the traditional limitations of departmental management, the integration of logistics flows, and thus more scientific in the allocation of resources within the whole plant; the same time, network technology and data sharing can be detected and timely assurances are addressed, really do to predict in advance and analysis of things in tracking and monitoring, evaluation and record afterwards. Compared with the manual, in a very short period of time, it can be a lot of information and data analysis and processing, so that ways and means of financial management is more advanced, scientific and efficient.
In addition to direct economic benefits, operating on the indirect benefits, but also generated a lot of social benefits: for example, as a cigarette factory in Shifang, Deyang City, Shifang and even the economic pillar of the local government and the relevant functional departments of the cigarette factory are very concerned about production and management, financial They often need to be submitted to the Ministry of different caliber of financial data. The completion of project financial information will increase efficiency in this respect, for the cigarette factory in Shifang good reputation.
Looking back with the network, servers and other hardware investment, Shifang cigarette factory in the project's total investment is only 3.5 million yuan. As has been relatively standardized financial management, coupled with the efforts of the application, on-line the first time after the Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in the rating, Shifang cigarette factory scores on the Computerized rejection received first hand accounts. And some enterprises with industry as early as 2096 began the implementation of computerization - and this is a "cost-effective," high application.
In order to more clearly determine the value of information systems, Shifang cigarette factory made a very detailed summary of the work. In fact, both for information or questions on the department's responsibility, cigarette factory in Shifang has a clear understanding. Change on every aspect of the analysis, information systems are not precisely reflect the kind of value?
Voice: Financial management is the implementation of a tobacco factory in Shifang K / 3 of the core content, they system is running only one year, cigarette factory in Shifang amount of funds used to reduce the total inventory of 2.8 billion, which is a remarkable achievement. However, we are more concerned about this result implies that any change at work. To this end, staff reporter interviewed Shifang cigarette factory is responsible for financial management of information technology, Vice Minister of Finance Xiang.

Application experience
Reporter: Financial information is the cigarette factory in Shifang implementation of the first management information system project, through the implementation of what you get experience?
Xiang Yu: There are two major experiences: 1, enterprise information does not lie in how much computer science experts, but rather should understand the characteristics of industry experts and understand the business enterprise with the management of participation - they want to design out of line with the actual situation of businesses, to the effective implementation of the process, this process done by computer experts out on the line; Second, the implementation process of information must have a holistic perspective, an information may be related to different manufacturers, different products , director of information technology companies how to plan, how to combine the characteristics of business, if different subsystems are all islands of information, not fully considered the feasibility of system operation, the enterprise's overall information technology is sure to fail.

Information to ensure the success of these two points must be done.
Reporter: Please talk about the implementation of financial management information difficult Where?
Xiang Yu: First, who led the direction of implementation of the system. Initially, I do not have experience, they (the manufacturers to implement the staff) how to say on how to do. Later I found some problems. Once I discovered the details of the implementation of a time not very suitable treatment, resulting in inventory systems associated with the procurement system can not smoothly. Since then, we have fully involved, I'm going to lead the implementation of the direction. From the manufacturer, they naturally want to soon put the software up and running. The system interface of each module and planning, they consider the De Bu less comprehensive. In the specific details, the technical staff very good, but overall grasp of business, we must prevail.
The second is how to change the system, the concept of the officers involved. Some people are always afraid of change. I do not advocate the implementation of IT systems personnel to preach "to increase efficiency by downsizing," I think the "increase efficiency by downsizing" is a very one-sided, and that in this case the system will enhance the implementation of the conflict with others emotions.
Some of the business sector, may also suspect that the Finance Department not later bring them a number of constraints. To know that, no matter whether the standard operating departments, generally the less the better they always want bondage. There are veterans of the support factors are important factors affecting the implementation.

Behind save money
Reporter: So, K / 3 system implementation, the relevant individuals, departments, they face major changes in what areas?
Xiang Yu: A Case Study of finance staff. Increased computerization of financial accounting, with further calculations, the speed and efficiency, so that corporate financial officers to make time and effort involved in financial management possible. For example, in the past, manual mode, the raw data to become part of the financial statements, require multiple repeated calculation and review of financial personnel, duplication of work, efficiency is not high. Finance staff usually busy afterwards, posting; the end of busy summary, reconciliation. In order to timely and accurately reported the financial statements, often sacrificing rest time, overtime late into the night are not uncommon, even a penny to several angle imbalance needs to spend tens of minutes to find and review. Traditional manual mode allows finance staff do not have time and energy to think and solve their own work places to be standardized and improved, but can not be advanced financial management. The completion of the computerization of financial and use of corporate financial level to break the constraints of this bottleneck will be rolling to the financial statements after the newspaper carried out the time from the past five to seven days down to one or two days, and eliminates the need for registration certificate and carry-over balance of work, from finance staff have time and energy to strengthen regulation. Although there is no attrition, but this would be of conservation and efficiency.
As the depth of our work, see our other departments just to get some data, not interfering in their business. Management of change throughout the community also affect these sectors. As a new mode of operation used, it tasted good, they also have a vote on a sense of investment. I once jokingly said to them: "so computer trouble, but changed them back got. "They said:" how that line? "
Reporter: cigarette factory in Shifang summary of the information referred to: "By using the K / 3 system, with great benefits, such as the 2001 overall cumulative amount of funds used to reduce inventory by 2.8 million, procurement funds over 1,700 million in interest savings. "This is two million and eight million figure out how the original system (management) Why can not obtain such benefits, I am very curious. To be specific, to talk about.
Xiang Yu: Shifang cigarette factory stock is large, the data is implemented before the occupation of the scale of capital stock in 2000 reached 8.2 billion, after computerized pressure to 5.3 million cumulative savings of 280 million yuan, a figure on the prevailing average bank interest rate 5.115 鈥?calculation, you can calculate the savings 17 million yuan a year.
Previous accounting tired of accounting, there is no energy to do the "management", this management can imagine the level of implementation in this area - the first, we had no time to observe the inventory in the end is reasonable; second there is no way to evaluate the purchase price of goods up and the market price is not the same.
After the implementation of the data obtained from the system will enable us to analyze the purchasing behavior. But also on the system, we will always be able to see inventory managers have the energy corresponding to the analysis of inventory is reasonable. They have the ability, time to strengthen the management, following the work of the workshop, materials with perceptual awareness. In addition, we also used for bulk material procurement bidding method, so tying up funds on reduced further.
Any business after the financial information, can save inventory, its principle is not to say the software itself to create wealth, but financial managers timely access to information through Ruanjian make more than ever to reflect accurate and efficient management. The core financial management is "control." If you can control in advance, management is more sophisticated, companies must be able to get benefits.
Reporter: transfer of management focus, bringing the level to improve financial management. From this perspective, IT's value in what areas? I mean, if the IT system makes manpower savings to "strengthen supervision", and access to benefits, then, then the business is not possible adoption Jian Dan De additional manpower to get the same revenue?
Xiang Yu: In the past some people have asked this question. So you see the problem. An increase of only one without changing the way management is not a scientific way of thinking. Western management thought that the management is very important that you choose what kind of tool. Ten people to do one thing, and one person plus a computer to do the same thing in the management point of view is that the two concepts, the difference is: corporate image are different; people with far less with the laws of man and machine.
In fact, that is just from the perspective of financial cost, business investment in IT systems, the cost of the machine by the machine back to the gradual depreciation, but the increase is the increase in net expenditure of a person, it is difficult to decrease, but also the benefits. Labor costs in China looks abroad also not as high, but growing. So even from this perspective also
Reporter: Please talk about what objectively there is still a shortcoming. From the project to run so far, there are a few things around the system is relatively deep impression on you?
Xiang Yu: If there is regret, I think we are all responsible for the implementation of several comrades to do part-time work system implementation, which means we have to apply again and again after the completion of own work time to do the work of financial management information. Looking back now, I think if we can best do the job, the system's effectiveness must be better.
Impression of something deeper, the first is the chief accountant of information on the work we have done the support of our request that he make a lot of coordination, and implementation of specific technical standards and the way free to let us do it, in any time the trust and support us. . In addition, we responsible for the implementation of several comrades in that period of time are very dedicated. Not only due to heavy workload, often working overtime late into the night, and resolved a number of insurmountable difficulties. A comrade in order to complete construction, and even a baby can not take care of his wife. Of course, an experience that makes this group of people is well calcined training. With the deepening of enterprise information, there are many of them into the management positions.


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A V S - AUDIO Tools

AVS Audio Tools

This Audio Software Suite includes full-featured Digital Audio Mixer and 10 wizard-styled tools - Ringtone Maker, Mobile Uploader, Audio CD Grabber, Audio Converter, Audio Recorder, Audio CD Creator, Music Disc Creator, Clone CD/DVD, MP3 Audio Surround Sound, iRadio Recorder. Burn, Convert, Rip and Exact-Copy Audio and MP3 CDs, Create and Upload your own Ringtones.

- Boost your MP3 audio collection with surround sound!
- Set a soundtrack as a ringtone before the movie is released!
- With AVS Music Mix being creative and original is outstandingly easy!


It supports all major audio file formats: WAV, PCM, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A, AMR and others.

AVS Audio Tools has all you need for audio processing in a single toolkit.